Our sausage range includes:

Pork Sausages

The finest quality pork, finely ground, mixed with traditional herbs and spices. Versatile and stuffed with flavour, this is one of Sanity Farm Kitchen’s most popular sausage.
The finest quality pork, finely ground, mixed with fresh ginger, garlic and sage. This blend is also sold as “banger burgers”, in packs of 4 patties, each weighing 100g.
Apple & cranberry
The finest quality pork, mixed with golden delicious apples and cranberries with specially selected herbs and spices and lemon juice, a really delicious flavour, designed to surprise.
Honey & mustard
The finest quality pork, mixed with French and German Mustard and local Fynbos honey.
Sage & red onion
The finest quality pork, mixed with finely minced red onion and lashing of chopped fresh sage, Sanity Farm Kitchen’s mostpopular choice
Spicy mozzarella & sundried tomato
The finest quality pork, mixed with diced mozzarella and sundried tomatoes with a splash of white wine, fresh garlic and herbs and chilli.
Apricot pimenton & lemon rind
This sausage was the brainchild of Philip Myburgh of La Cuccina in Hout Bay


This sausage is a beef and pork blend of traditional South African “egte plaaswors” spices combined with twists of this and that to create a unique braai sausage with universal appeal.

Free Range Chicken Sausages

With apricots, almonds & coriander
Tomato & basil
With fresh and sundried tomatoes and fresh basil, with a splash of red wine and Sanity Farm olive oil
Roast butternut, garlic & basil
This sausage was the brainchild of Philip Myburgh of La Cuccina in Hout Bay
This is a direct copy of the Pork Cumberland except that it is made with chicken!

Sausage making is one of the great forgotten skills of cooking... and at Sanity Farm we take no shortcuts. Our sausages are all handmade right here in our very own purpose built kitchen!

We sell our sausages every Saturday morning at the Hermanus Country Market and from home.


I am often asked... why sausages? People are generally incredulous when they hear that I have a sausage kitchen...

It was largely borne out of frustration... being an avid recipe book collector and reader, I was constantly drawn to pork sausage recipes, which started out with something like “pop down to your local butcher and buy some herby sausages”... all I could find in those days was cereal filled grey sausages, with very little pork in them let alone “herby”. And out of this was borne the desire to do something about it.

I told Mike I would love to make sausages. He responded by presenting me with a sausage filler for my birthday and the rest, they say, is history.

I think back with a smile to our first few attempts, there was so much to learn, not least of which being dexterity!

After many attempts and with the help of family and friends who at times were reluctant “testers”, we now have a core range which already has many followers.

Our quality speaks for itself...

We guarantee that only the finest quality herbs, spices and South African Pork are used to make Sanity Farm sausages. For added quality our meat is often ground several times, to suit the specific requirements of each formulation and assure optimal eating pleasure. Not only do we use the finest ingredients but we also follow stringent quality control and hygiene standards.

Our first goal was to only use the finest quality meat and to control the fat percentage. To do this consistently we have chosen to use lean meat and to “add in “ fat.

We use fresh herbs and spices. Most of our sausages are gluten free, MSG free and preservative free. We only use natural casings, either hog or sheep.

All our sausages are vacuum packed. Furthermore our sausages are always made in small batches to confirm strict conformance to individual recipes and farm freshness.

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